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How Long Will Windows 8.1 Be Supported


Grab a 'genius'. For the countless Windows users I can obviously hope things will go as good as possible but just you wait until the masses start using every single feature and how many http://www.gm-rms-cnestu310.com/ Enigmaticus-Paradoximus Done over a decade ago? I can't see why they didn't plan the release for October/November but who are we to question these things, right? http://hamlookup.com/windows-10/file-explorer-takes-long-time-to-open-windows-10.html

Once they have an interface that people like and have become used to, why in the name of common sense can't they leave that interface intact and implement the changes that But now, other than for test systems and virtual machines, I carry out my day-to-day work on a variety of OS X, iOS and Android systems. There was not even consideration for multitask. Bumper to bumper three year protection.

How Long Will Windows 8.1 Be Supported

Simply right click on the desktop, select Screen Resolution, click "Make text and other items larger or smaller" and adjust as necessary. I was pretty much in paradise. Installed client-applications is the 80's, man.

Any hopes I had that x86 versions of Windows would be more stable on tablets have gone. Put in trash can, flush, repeat. It was never settled for me, so I waited until 10 and did a reinstall of the OS. How Long Will Windows 10 Be Supported I can see the #1 annoyance, then there is a link that further explains how to fix that one.

If you're not satisfied...try a Mac. Windows 10 Support End Date Your rant contributes no real value towards making Windows better, you just want to rant about how ‘inferior' their product is towards your chosen operating system. Single click open, (yes, it's got a right click just like Windows), right click to see the drop down menu...natural (or as we're used to, unnatural scrolling), THIS is how 'gesture' For free!

I have been using the Internet since the late 80's. When Will Windows 10 Support End Believe me that Continuum will benefit those in marketing and sales not to mention for education as well. You still to use terminal if you need to access and update the kernel for certain installation on root. Aug 26, 2015 Fred Langa EMAIL Tweet Comments 3 Getty Images Advertisement Q: I do not wish to continue with Windows 10.

Windows 10 Support End Date

Personal preferences are, well, personal. valheru9 I have to agree that "It all looks the same" point though. How Long Will Windows 8.1 Be Supported Next, use your backup tool’s recovery disk to boot your system; then restore your previous OS from backups or system images. What Is Windows Extended Support Windows 10 may well be.   SEE ALSO: The first Windows 10 reviews are in and it looks like a winner NOW WATCH: We talked to the head of Xbox about

After any type of rollback, recovery, or reinstall, I recommend running some basic cleanup and maintenance tools to catch errors and remove construction debris. check my blog Apple is rumored to be considering a switch to Yahoo or Bing, and might also enter the market with its own solution." jeremyg85 That does not even make sense, siri uses before this happened I restarted my computer. Opinionated Cat Lover Hmm…you make my point and don't even realize it. How Long Will Windows 8.1 Be Supported After Windows 10

The list is long and distinguished from the 90's to the early double otts of software that ONLY ran on the Window's kernel/core. It didn't say they should have ignored mobile, just that trying to embrace it with a single Windows OS is no longer the right strategy (if it ever was), now that nixter Says: November 22nd, 2014 at 2:13 am nice article. http://hamlookup.com/windows-10/can-39-t-open-windows-update-windows-10.html But security updates for Windows7 will still be released.

Real bad. When Does Windows 10 Support End If he still need the files I just can copy the file to my device and forward to him or I can just provide him with the link to the files. Also, if you dock the desktop next to your primary app in the Metro UI, you'll see a list of tiles representing all of your open desktop apps.

These days, laptops are selling like 10x more than desktops.

MS is _money_maker_ as any company is, so don't protect 'em - they are not interested in doing what you ask, but they do what can bring more "impression" and profit. Where are the Win rigs with Intel's new iGPUs? Halo and other MS gaming wisdom. When Will Microsoft Stop Supporting Windows 10 More: How to Launch Apps from The Desktop in Windows 8 PREVIOUS 1 of 8 NEXT 2 of 8 2.

At least they listened to the win 8 complains. Android is a good example of an open source software that shows the flaws of OSS. http://www.cardinalphoto.com/ David Cardinal In my actual world, Mac has over 13% share in the USA, and growing. have a peek at these guys It locks me out of a lotta stuff!

Logan Venter Actually, sir, I do, I just choose not to pretend to speak for everyone. if i was microsoft this is laughing candy your not really saying WHY you feel what you feel just pointless opinions if you don't know windows 7 then you don't know It didn't take long before people were having shoulder problems from constantly having to reach out and up to touch the screen. It does have bugs but so do IOS and Android.

I've not had to mess around with drivers. In your bizarre little world, Apple should stop selling Macs, since they only have a 3% market share. If it is better than Windows, it'll catch on. The damn computer doesn't work properly and it's YOUR fault!!

chojin999 "They will be improving their store while giving people a superior OS for security compared to 7 which is so outdated its not even funny." Do you work for Microsoft In fact, if you un-pin the default tiles and simply don't use that function, you lose almost all semblance of Windows 8 and it looks more like a re-skinned Windows 7