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I Have Questions Regarding The Cpu And Gpu

He is a fellow of IEEE and ACM. Thread: Few questions regarding wow settings and GPU/CPU dependance. A 6850 would absolutely cripple the performance levels I expect at the settings I use. I saw the pause in between 2 frames. his comment is here

You can get by with a lesser CPU and you can upgrade other components. He directs the UIUC CUDA Center of Excellence and serves as one of the principal investigators of the NSF Blue Waters Petascale computer project. a 6850 or 6870 level of card would be more appropriate with an E8500 especially below 1920x1080/1200. #6 toyota, May 16, 2011 Seero Golden Member Joined: Nov 4, 2009 Messages: To be specific, C2D E8500 vs SB 2600k with HD6950.

To start off, I have no idea what is with the hostile attitude. Qu3bus, Sep 8, 2015 WoodenSaucer likes this. just something as simple as using vsync is much better when your cpu does not bogging you down and/or causing low minimums. #18 toyota, May 18, 2011 Last edited: May In practically every game the GPU makes the biggest performance difference at the settings I use.

for most games yes that will be true. Might be worth looking into this.Click to expand... His research interests are in the area of architecture, implementation, compilation, and algorithms for parallel computing. Predator Dirt 2 STALKER, Call of Pripyat Metro 2033 F1 2010 H.A.W.X. 2 Lost Planet 2 Civilization V Heaven 2.5 Click to expand...

Timeslipper, Sep 20, 2015 Qu3bus Almost Not a Noob Joined: Jun 14, 2012 Messages: 2,483 Date Posted: Sep 21, 2015 #19 Timeslipper said: ↑ Not very up to date with current With [email protected], the system was not able to unleash the full potential of GTX285, which is slower than 6950. Some say MMOs are not graphic intensive and requires lots of CPU power. You mention just one personal example - "some games".

Guess what, 120FPS doesn't mean no lag. But at this point you'll get more answers from Ghostcrawler about the game engine than most employee's from Blizzard. Qu3bus said: ↑ At the risk of generalizing, if you're looking to game on a laptop, the single most important component is the GPU. The question is simple: Am i wasting my money because the card may be ineffective, because i am not using an i5 or i7 processor?

So we'll see if he comes back. Alot of us have much older gpu's and the project needs to support us too, as we are there bread and butter. Firstly, the only reason I need an upgrade is for gaming, I do a lot of non-gaming stuff, but nothing too intensive. Name 100 of the games you have tested which shows a CPU/architecture upgrade doesn't change performance.

That can be CPU or GPU which depends on the game. Why not post the laptops? Just find ten. Looking at 2 pc running on the same game, same encounter, same group and location.

This architecture allows better utilization of any PCIe connection, including video cards. These findings leads to new understanding. Let me list the things that will make a difference other than the number of cores. weblink Once upon time, on DAoC realm battle, I was walking around the PvP area and out of the sudden my PC was frozen.

Might be worth checking out how much better the card in the new laptop is than the onboard card in your old one. There are 5 million PC games. It runs almost entirely on GPU(s). > Second question: Is openmpi also able to run gpu tasks on several machines?

Lots of arguments about PhysX and how it doesn't change the game, which are true.

Hear this, there are people who tries to find games to utilize their investment, and there are people who tries to invest on hardwares for gaming. Your gpu is very fast and very new, that could be alot of why it seems 'wasted here' doing the workunits. i'm around 50c on idle, but when i play a game, for instant league of legends (which isn't to demanding on cpu), the temp gets to about 90c. Most of the new releases don't run that great, I'm talking like 20fps on min settings.

jawnTEM One Wild Crazy Mod-der! ★ MOD Joined: Oct 4, 2011 Messages: 8,930 Location: Central Texas Date Posted: Sep 17, 2015 #17 Actually, a decent "gaming" lappie, probably cost oodles more Last edited: Sep 15, 2015 jawnTEM, Sep 15, 2015 Last edited by jawnTEM, Sep 15, 2015 Batou-san likes this. Qu probably gave the best answer, in this post, Cgamer! So there's most demand on the CPU for rendering polygons unless done on the GPU, and there's more textures which demands more filtrate on the GPU.

i test video cards and CPU combinations for AlienBabelTech and i have explored this for 3 years and what you are saying is not *generally* true. Here is most of my *current* benchmark suite; over the past three years i have tested many other games to find CPU architectural difference in gaming. To this day I have no idea why every game isn't including SMAA, but somehow FXAA is everywhere. I play games, not benchmark video cards with games.

WoW, Rift, and EQ2 are MMOs that clearly CPU bottlenecked.