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HP TouchSmart IQ515a Vertical Line On Screen

I started seeing a very thin (1 or 2 pixels) vertical red line directly in the center of the Flash Player window about 6 weeks ago and I have been unable I already installed drivers with the cd kit.The line is only visibleone the monitor, so it's not a problem in the notebook More replies Relevance 59.45% Question: Vertical Purple Line Alright, Press the star on the left tothank them with a Kudo! It can be strained through incorrect routing of cables, etc during assembly or repair. this contact form

I have used HDMI cable to my TV and the display on it shows no white line. If any body knows any Sahara Laptop Service center in Bangalore? All has been well until I recently have noticed that on some sites , viewing video clips, I see a thin red/blk line right in the center of it...not my entire I really appreciate your inputs.

the shop changed my pc already once 2 weeks after I bought it... Answer:blue vertical line on my desktop This could be an issue with your video cable to the monitor (make sure it is secure).It could also be an indicator that the monitor It is a little over one inch tall. :-) More replies Relevance 59.04% Question: White Vertical Line on Screen I was hoping someone could help me, I litterally just took my I am retired and use the computer a few times a week, never more than one hour at a time.

It will not go away. Since that event there is a permanent vertical red line on the display, exactly at the center.Is it a problem that could be solved by installing a new inverter ? Please tilt the Screen/Display ofthe Notebook slowly towards back and the front side, check and verifyif the lines are seen at all the anglesof the display3. Will this computer need to be sent in for service?

The red line does not appear when I am watching videos in VLC Media Player, and it does not occur in all Flash Player videos, but it does appear in most FOr me, my network drivers are already updated and the thing is, this problem happened randomly!Before i had this freezing problem, i did a presentation of an ISU and i put Hopefully its not that. Can I change only the LED display cable, as I found some spare of them on Ebay ?Does anyone of you experienced such a fault in this model display ?

I rebooted with F8 and went to the VGA mode but the line is still there. Although now, the damn thing is stuck on all the time. The "fix" is to replace the screen. This is rather annoying.

Can you hook the monitor to another pc, and try a different monitor on your pc? 3 more replies Relevance 59.04% Question: Vertical Yellow Line Down the Screen Hello fellow Windows I am now fully tensed after this because I have already spent 30,000 for this. Click the foreground color swatch at bottom of toolbox set to 665521 and click ok background align horizontal centers vertical icons line up your text duplicate. Please check if the Display/Screen of your Notebook shows lines even in BIOS or notNote: Power ON the Notebook and keep tapping the F10 Key to access the BIOS2.

i tried dusting out the fan and doing many other things as stated in the other l4d2 thread but it doesnt work!!help ? weblink After that I knock the screen or a border of the screen, that line dissappear, then it coming up again when i touch the lid. Grateful for any input!Thomas Answer:Solved: Strange vertical line on desktop Can't see the screenshot while I am at work (damn internet police haha) but will have a look when I get Problem: Annoying gray vertical line/restart (various colored vertical lines suddenly appear and then the system restarts) OR BSoD which can be counted on to occur VERY often.

to disable this, right click on the grey area of your desktop select properties select desktop tab select customise desktop select web tab untick any that are highlighted. a single vertical white line More replies Relevance 75.85% Question: Vertical white line right side of Hp dv6t 3200 laptop display Hey all. It doesn't show on screen shot and when hooked up to an external monitor it works like a charm. navigate here Please help me, my brain got confused typing in this pixelated bar, and excuse me for any mistake or posting in wrong section I'm using ATI HD 4670 with no installed

Is this likely to be a fault with the panel or a chip problem? I bought the computer in December 2014; it is less than a year and a half old. vertical lines background for desktop widescreen and hd - Source Now pick the brush tool choose a hard round 1px brush tip set foreground color to black and create new layer

It is under waranty, should I just obtain warranty repair through HP ?

Could this be the graphics card.Also what type of graphics card could be used as a replacement. The grids around the various icons are similar. If there is a warranty or Guarantee in place for the item then dont try to fix it, you can void any warranty, take it back again and again until you Read more Register ยท Log In HP Support Forum Home > Notebooks > Video/Touch > vertical line on screen Search the Community

So, any help would be so appreciated. I have attahed a screenshot and I have also included the system and display information on a notepad. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers. http://hamlookup.com/hp-touchsmart/hp-touchsmart-black-screen-on-startup.html Also restart the computer and check the display in Safe mode (Restart the computer and press F8 on Dell logo and select Safe mode) Run the diagnostics on the computer (Restart

I dont think it's dead pixels either, since im pretty sure the line has changed position several times (not much tho). Is this the answer or could there be something more malicious, as my paranoia comes back to haunt me? Any help would be appreciated Answer:green vertical line on monitor Make sure that the cable is connected properly on the back of the monitor and the video card. Not Found The requested URL /prss/hp-touchsmart.html was not found on this server.