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HP Envy 15-as002an - Data Storage Location

It only allows me to select users on my local machine. Is there anyway I can alter it to save in My documents instead of public documents? I did this, however after the folders location was moved none of my bookmarks stored to that new path. You'd use that for data that doesn't change often, like videos. http://hamlookup.com/hp-envy/hp-envy-microphone-location.html

This will also be the same if you reboot the PC.Why not set up a separate user for your brother then you can have the position you like and he can Sounds like you just dumped your files on to D: You'll probably have to move them back into the correct folders a few at a time. 4 more replies Relevance 51.25% is there practical way to do so?I know I can change it one by one by clicking option-file location-modify. Answer:Change default location for "Change Icon..." button?

Well I don't save any cookies but try this. HOWEVER, if C:\FolderB has no subfolders, I can't seem to save there by using Libraries. Thanks Answer:change default location donatbollonk said:I know I can change it one by one by clicking option-file location-modify.

Please do not use a DropBox folder to store your data. The registry edit is quite simple.However, you always get the option to CHOOSE the 'save' location in IE. Possible: YES, Quick: NO You can try looking here An error message informs you that you cannot move or rename the Documents and Settings folder Though it is best to do Changing the drive & location every time I save a file is a pain in the backside.

More replies Relevance 51.25% Question: Can't Make PC - Not OneDrive - Default Location I spend a lot of time off the grid, or on a very slow, Clinton-era grid. is there anyway to change this? I have some fuzzy memory of setting a geographical location when I frst set up Vista a year ago, but I can't find that setting anywhere. Documents defaults to One Drive.

They are junction points and don't really exist, they just point to a location and they're best left alone, don't try to remove them. Answer:Default computer location Hi, first thing I turn off in Vista is the "sidebar" I believe you need to set your location. I built myself a computer with a SSD and a HDD. the installed programs didn't save or look for any information in the old default location).

Is there anyway I can alter it to save in My documents instead of public documents? What do most of you people here do cause i've read that some people here have separate drives for program files? how do I change the default location? I could not find Computer Configuration neither on my hhome computer nor on windows server 2008.

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the default location for new icons on the desktop. this contact form It will take approximately 5 minutes to modify default location of file for these applications. 3 more replies Relevance 51.66% Question: default search location When I right-click 'Start' in my WinXP, Windows will remember the path. 3 more replies Relevance 51.66% Question: Windows Search yielding No Results after changing Users Location Hello there.I wanted to have my documents, music, pictures and all It's the default Libraries icon.

Task Manager - Create Elevated Shortcut 4 more replies Relevance 55.76% Question: App Data Storage Location... When I change an icon, I want it to open up my Icon folder. I'm not sure how to explain, but the folders in explorer (see screenshot) are now mostly just labelled E. http://hamlookup.com/hp-envy/hp-envy-17-n106nl-vs-hp-envy-17-n102nl.html When we do a "save as", by default it directs us to a folder called OLK and that is a hidden folder.Can anyone help me with instructions on how to change

Question: Problem - default storage location of files in C\Users\... So, this is not really a problem, instead simply a matter that I've been pondering on quite a few times. I am still having trouble with this on Windows 7 and somehow managed to move a load of system folders (or the shortcuts to those folders - not sure which!) to

But, it appears it's slow as crap to do that, around I think 20-30 MBs/sec.

  1. More replies Relevance 51.66% Question: How to set default Save location I am trying to set my default file save location to my Desktop.
  2. I'm finding this very difficult to get my head around!
  3. the little images for CDs and Hard Drives you see on the "My Computer" window.
  4. The old default location(C:user) which no longer exists, it became unused by installing any programs or using any programs preinstalled with either a user account(existing user account, or public user account
  5. So, with no prior testing I decided to move to Window 7 and I'm having two main issues. 1 - I have for the past few years always put My Documents
  6. cheers Answer:Adding Icons to default location?
  7. New OS install W7 64 bitfollowed the doc:User Profile - Change Default LocationMoved user location OK and set the default location for any new users.In my case it's now E:\users\nameif I
  8. Additional batteries are affected.
  9. How do I get Chicago to be my default location?
  10. We need the path to call it with a button in our software.I hope anyone can help us.Best regards,soulxcore More replies Relevance 56.17% Question: Is show process for all users turned

Or do I need to have windows server 2003 or windows server 2008 to setup the group policy ? I need a place that is simple to navigate.Thanks much in advance. Here you go. 2 more replies Relevance 76.67% Question: Windows Store - Change Default App Storage Location How do you change the default file storage location for Windows Store apps? Where does Vista HP x64 hide the default icon images (ie.

I've searched the inter-tubes with no luck and as such I hope that someone here can point me in the right direction. Like for exmaple, any new folder or file will be in the top left hand corner... On one of my mapped drives, the folder is no longer displayed, however and the mapped drive that goes directly to it, it appears in the same location. Check This Out When I want to place a file on the desktop for quick retrieval (like for an email attachment) I'd like it to appear on the right side of the desktop (on

Thanks! Do not remove it from the library.Open a command prompt as an Administrator. (In the Start search box type "cmd", right click the entry and click Run as Administrator)Type the following You can view the storage policies that are in effect: VMart=> select * from storage_policies; schema_name | object_name | policy_details | location_label -------------+-------------+----------------+---------------- public | states | Table | SSD (1 is there anyway to set it up so that all programs that are being installed that don't give you a chance to change the directory go straight to my hdd?

Each time I open cmd.exe as administrator, it places me in C:\Windows\System32. I ran out of time last night and won't get a chance to look until tonight, but if anyone's got experience of this or any advice I'd appreciate it.